3 Beauty Product Ingredients You Never Thought Could Do You Harm

Women are believed to absorb up to 5 pounds of harmful chemicals from their personal-care products annually. That is why it is important to turn the bottle, and check the labels and ingredients every time you shop for beauty products. If you want to use natural products, make sure they are genuinely organic – they should at least have a minimum of 70% to 100% certified organic ingredients. If you can’t go all natural, then at least check whether they contain the following damaging ingredients:


Fragrance (labeled as parfum)

Though it may sound favorable and fragrant, fragrances is listed as one of the top 5 allergens in the world. On top of that, it can actually include a couple of neurotic toxins that may cause dizziness, headaches and rashes. Sadly, companies are not required to list the chemicals in these fragrances as they are considered secret ingredients.

Placenta (labeled as placental protein, placental extract)

Placenta soaps are everywhere nowadays and so are anti-wrinkle creams and hair treatments. Summer Rayne Oakes in her book “Style Naturally,” warns that: “the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics cites a number of case studies showing that placental extracts may give the body a spike of hormones significant enough to spur breast growth in babies.”

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Petrolatum (labeled as petroleum jelly, mineral grease, mineral jelly, yellow petrolatum, petrolatum white, petrolatum amber)

Oakes also warns that petroleum jelly is a highly processed hydrocarbon, derived from petroleum, which does not break down in the environment or on our skin. Meaning, they really have no nutrient value for the skin, and worse, they also block the body’s natural ability to regulate moisture which may lead to dryness over time.