3 Simple Steps to a Beautiful You

Everybody wants to look gorgeous! Good news is – staying young and good-looking doesn’t have to be as complicated as your ex. There are easy breezy ways to achieve the naturally attractive look without emptying your wallet. Here’s how:

Just Add Water


Back in science classes, we’ve been taught that 75% of our body is composed of water, so we practically need it in order to survive. But we were never taught that hydrating and moisturizing are two different things; oftentimes we are guilty of using them interchangeably. Moisturizing is locking in water content in your skin to make it soft and supple, whereas, hydrating is getting water in your cells. But your best bet to hydrate your cells is drinking plenty of water. Try 8 glasses of water everyday for two consecutive weeks, and see the results. There are also over-the-counter hydrating products such as flaxseed-oil and fish-oil supplements to increase water content and plump up your skin. Eating watery fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe also helps. Or better yet, include at least five portions of fruits and vegetables on your diet everyday to keep your skin glowing.

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Although our dead skin cells naturally flake off, some of them cling on for too long. This is why exfoliating is important. Try to exfoliate from head to toe, at least once a week. Get rid of dead skin by using body and salt scrubs containing glycerin and hydrating oils. You’ll be surprised at how soft and glowing your complexion will be after. For your face, we suggest picking not-so-harsh exfoliants to avoid irritation and redness. Exfoliants keep your acne under control. Also, make time to scratch your scalp while shampooing, it doesn’t only feel good, but it also helps control dandruff by getting rid of oils that build up on your scalp.

Soak in a Warm Aromatic Bath


Stress and overwork can make you look and feel old. Unplug your mind and body from the daily pressures by slipping into your bath tub for 10-20 minutes once a week. For a DIY natural spa and aromatherapy, sprinkle Epsom or sea salt into warm running water. Add a dose of lavender essential oil for a calming effect and half cup of baking soda. This time-tested combination will lower stress-related hormones and remove toxins from your body.