4 Beauty Products Hiding in Your Kitchen

The number of must-have cleansers, creams, powders, scrubs and sprays to ensure healthy and smooth skin and shiny hair is just overwhelming. Not to mention expensive!


Luckily, some natural ingredients you have lying around the house may have just the same effect. If you’ve run out of basic skin and haircare products, here are a kitchen staples you can turn to for your beauty regimen.



Has winter left your skin feeling a bit dry and rough? Add a few cups of milk to the water next time you draw a bath. Lactic acid found in milk is a natural softener and can help soothe and smooth out your skin. For in-house mani and pedi sessions, try soaking your hands and feet in small basins of milk before applying nail polish. Here are a few other beauty treatments using milk.

Coffee grounds

Credit: David Joyce / flickr.com
Credit: David Joyce / flickr.com

Don’t throw out those old coffee grounds! After brewing yourself a cup of joe, set these aside for your own homemade scrub. As a natural exfoliator, coffee helps slough away dry, dead skin to reveal a natural glow and even diminishes the look of cellulite. Add the grounds in a face mask or face scrub to rejuvenate your skin or use it as a full body scrub before showering. Check out these DIY beauty recipes using coffee.

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Aside from being a sweetening agent, honey has long been reputed to do wonders for the skin and hair. Beauty experts claim that raw honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria, leaving skin with a healthy glow. For an anti-oxidant rich face mask, apply raw honey directly on your face before rinsing. Mix it with oatmeal for a deep facial cleanser or combine it with olive oil to make your own hair conditioner. Here are more beauty treatment tips using honey.

Coconut Oil

Credit: John Revo Puno / flickr.com
Credit: John Revo Puno / flickr.com

Coconut Oil is not just good for cooking, it makes a great all around beauty product as well. No wonder many hair care treatments use coconut oil, as it can help repair damage, smoothen frizz and flyways, and leave your hair looking smooth and shiny. It can also be used as makeup remover, body lotion, lip balm, undereye cream and loads more! Here’s a look at just some of coconut oil’s many beauty applications.