5 Beauty Products You Should Not Leave Home Without

Whether you are going shopping with your friends or on a trip out of town with your family, you should always be prepared for what the weather and outdoor elements could throw your way. Some women have a bag full of makeup and other beauty products, while others make do with just a lipstick. No matter which type of woman you are, you do need to bring the basics if you want to appear presentable always.

Here are some products that you should never leave home without.


Lip gloss or lip balm is one of the most important but most underrated beauty products. Although many have a preference for lipsticks, tints, and stains, lip balms are a must-have as they protect your lips from cracking, and some are even infused with sunscreen.

Moisturizers are very important to keep our skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. It treats dry skin and keeps it from drying out again. It replenishes the moisture and nutrients in our skin, preventing wrinkling and itching, among other dry skin problems.

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Hand sanitizers will keep your hands feeling and smelling clean all day. Wherever you go, getting your hand on something dirty is inevitable, and it always helps to have clean hands especially when you’re about to eat.

Oil-blotting paper absorbs the excess oil on your face for that quick fix-up even while you’re walking around. The accumulation of excess oil can trigger pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.


Compact powder can do wonders in refreshing your look for that quick selfie you want to take. Select one that does not feel heavy on the skin and provides a no-makeup look for a more natural glow.

You can never go wrong with these essentials in your bag. You can enjoy a worry-free day out while looking and feeling your best!