3 Hilarious Dads That Broke the Internet

What is it like to be a dad? For some, it means providing the means so kids are clothed and fed and go to school. Others are more hands-on, alternating with mom to take care of the kids, from making sure they eat to teaching them how to bike or throw ball.

There are some dads, however, like the three below, who go the extra mile. Their one-of-a-kind parenting skills have gone viral online. What a way to make sure their kids would remember their childhood!

dave engledow
Copyright by Dave Engledow

Dave Engledow, the World’s Best Father

Dave Engledow, a photographer, posted his first photo of himself as a clueless dad holding the weeks-old Alice Bee like a football, squirting milk into his coffee from Alice’s baby bottle. Engledow thought that the hilarious photo captured his fatigue and cluelessness as a first-time dad. He didn’t expect it would go viral, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The best of Engledow’s World’s Best Father series is collected in his book Confessions of the World’s Best Father.

Dale Price, the Most Embarrassing Dad

wave at the bus
The Pirate’s last wave. ©Dale Price

Dale Price of Utah has a different way of saying good-bye to his teenage son: for one school year, he waved at the school bus every morning wearing a different costume, each one wackier than the last.

He started out simple enough, a San Diego Chargers helmet, and the next day, an Anakin Skywalker helmet. However, his other costumes were more elaborate, from a pirate, to dressing up as Ariel (complete with a seashell bra), and even as a bride and Batgirl. What a dad, huh?

Jordan Watson, the Baby-Holding Dad

Do you know how to hold a baby? Jordan Watson will teach you 17 different ways, from the Standard Shoulder Hold to Bird on a Wire, Box of Beers, and Hide Ya Beer Belly. The video now has over a million views!

Do you know of any other funny dads making the rounds online? Do share in the comments!