Cheap Ways to Afford that Luxury Bag

Dying to carry or own that designer handbag you’ve seen in the latest fashion or gossip magazine, but worried about the price? Worry no more as you can walk with your head held up high with your dream luxury bag in tow like your favorite Hollywood star. Consider these affordable recommendations from us.


Buy Pre-Loved

Luxury store of pre-owned designer bags such as authentic Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and the likes, abound these days. You can even find one just by browsing online as low as 70% less than their original price. You can also re-sell your second-hand bag if you are bored with it and want another brand, just make sure they are still in good condition.


Rent It

Yes, you heard it right — you can actually rent luxury bags nowadays! The site Bag Borrow or Steal offers designer bags to be leased in one-month period. “If you’d like to show it off a bit longer, simply keep it – we’ll renew the rental automatically!” their website says. This rental site assures you that bags you picked will arrive in pristine condition as they are cleaned professionally when returned each and every time. Additionally, they offer free shipping and free returns. So how do you know if the bag is available for rent? Well, just go to their official website and check if the item you want to rent is “Available,” but if it says “On Loan,” you’ll have to wait a bit until it’s free for you to lease.