Dressing for a Beach Wedding

Many couples choose to tie the knot at the beach. While beach weddings are lovely affairs, as a guest, you have to try the right balance between dressing for a formal occasion and staying comfortable in the warmer weather. Here are some factors that you need to consider in choosing a dress for a beach wedding.


Style and formality

Most brides will indicate a dress code to their guests in the invitation. Most beach weddings are relatively casual side. If you’re not part of the entourage, a sundress and sandals or a long maxi dress is appropriate for the occasion. For a more formal seaside affair, you might have to opt for a more elegant design or a longer style with sleeves. When in doubt, ask a bride or a close friend on the style and look they are going for.

Season and weather

Summer is really the best time for beach weddings. For afternoon weddings, guests should feel free to come in sleeveless or strapless dresses. However, you should be prepared in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Since the affair will be held outdoors, consider how your dress will hold up against strong breeze or unexpected rainshowers. For summer evenings or weddings held during a cooler season or location near the beach, guests can opt to bring a wrap or shawl to wear over their dress.

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Colors and motif

If you are part of the wedding party, the bride will usually prefer if you come in a dress that fits the wedding colors for photographic purposes. If no color preference has been indicated, guests should consider the colors of the season. Most beach weddings make use of pastels or bright summery colors. To be sure, check the invitation if the wedding has a theme and follow accordingly.


Accessories & Shoes

Choose your accessories and shoes carefully for a beach wedding. It’s very difficult to walk in the sand in heels, so flats and sandals are the best options. If you want some extra height, wedge sandals can also work. If it’s especially windy, dangly earrings can easily get tangled in your hair. Opt for simple earrings and accessorize instead with chunkier bracelets or necklaces.