How to Look Hot this Summer

Swimsuit season is upon us! Check out some of the latest trends in swimwear compiled by The Orchid Boutique to look your best on the beach.


Animal Prints

Animal, tribal, and jungle prints are all the rage this season as seen in the latest collections of top and up-and-coming designers. Show off your wild side with leopard, zebra, crocodile, snake and cow print bikinis, monokinis and one piece swimsuits.

Ethnic Prints

Ethnic Print Swimwear is another hot trend this 2015. Swimwear that makes use of tribal designs and native patterns gives an immediate unique flair to your typical beach ensemble. Pair your bikini with bright colored shoes, a beach bag and oversized jewelry to really make a statement.


Mesh/Crochet Bikinis

Bikinis with mesh or crochet details instantly strike a balance between sweet and couture. For ladies who want to turn heads when they hit the beach, keep a look out for swimsuits and bikinis with unique crochet appliques.

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Crop Top Bikinis

The crop top bikini is a good option for girls who are always on the go. This sporty bra top offers better support for ladies with larger busts, allowing them to engage in different activities like beach volleyball, swimming, surfing and jogging while still looking sexy.


Typically worn by surfers, rashguards are long-sleeve tops normally made of spandex, nylon, and polyester which will keep your shoulders and arms protected from sunburn. These tops are extremely trendy right now, with designers churning out sporty summer designs and even cropped rashguard tops.