Oscar-inspired Wedding Swag Ideas

Getting married soon? If you’re planning a gift bag, take inspiration from the experts. And when it comes to goodie bags, nobody does it like the Academy Awards. These extravagant swag bags are put together especially for the Academy Awards nominees to make everyone, whether they bag an Oscar or not, feel like a winner. Considering what they cost–the one from 2010 was valued at $93,108–it’s easy to see why. No wonder, even Hollywood A-listers look forward to receiving them.

Jewelry, Accessories, and things that Sparkle

Bling is always welcome, and in 2013’s gift bag, there was $1,250 worth of it. Think hand-stamped, sterling silver and copper necklaces. Present your guests with handcrafted sparklies that they can use even after your wedding. Just make sure that your wedding details are discreet, so they don’t look like giveaways. Or skip the wedding personalization and keep the event details on the packaging instead.

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Water (We kid you not.)


Believe it or not, one of the Oscar gift bags included a home water filtration system, priced at $4,895. Pricey yes, but is it really something your guests will want to see in a giftbag? Instead of a boring water filtration system, go for personalized bottles of fancy sparkling water. Choose classy looking ones in glass bottles, but add a touch of personalization with your own monogrammed wedding labels.

Luxury Shoes


Fancy thousand-dollar shoes may seem like a Hollywood swag bag staple, but how do you translate this for your own giftbag without breaking the bank? It can work depending on your theme. If you’re going for a beach wedding, throw a pair of rubber flipflops in your wedding’s color palette. It’s a thoughtful theme-based gift that your guests can use as they relax before the ceremony, or unwind after. You can even throw in a beach tower and a small tote to complete your guests’s beachside essentials.

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Shelter Donations


Love animals? 2014’s gift bag included a gift certificate from a natural pet food brand worth $10,000 to go to meal donations to the rescue or shelter of the bearer’s choice. You can do the same thing within your own budget. Offer a smaller donation value to be given to the rescue or shelter of your guest’s choice. Or go ahead and print a card saying that you already made a donation in their name. You can even include a cute photo of one of the animals who benefited from the donation.

Life Experiences


One of the most opulent giftbag additions ever was 2010’s African Safari, valued at $45,000. Unless you’re a billionaire, vacations to exotic locations may not be on your giveaway list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t approximate the idea by gifting an experience. Offer up tickets to a local attraction, like the museum, a play, the aquarium, or a craft workshop. For added charm, pick an experience that you and your spouse enjoyed as well. It may not be as opulent, but the experience your guests will have will be a nice add-on to their memories of your wedding.

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Pampering Moments


To a Hollywood star, a $2,560 home spa system may just be the thing. So are $500 home acupuncturist treatments. But for regular people like you and me, pampering can be as simple as a high quality set of pampering essentials like fine lotions, organic scrubs, and mud facials. Choose travel-sized versions of your favorite products and bundle them in a small pouch they can bring along to the shower for an instant luxurious pampering treatment at home.

You don’t have to spend like an A-lister to make your wedding guests feel like one. Just remember to choose your giveaways thoughtfully. Your sincerity and care is sure to shine through and show your guests how important they are to you.