3 Relationship Rules You Ought to Ditch

We’ve heard timeless relationship rules from our great grandmothers (if not from our mothers), but relationship experts revealed that ignoring some cliché advises can actually do well to your bond.


Be Independent

Independent girls are attractive, yes, but from time to time, boost his ego by letting him feel like he is your hero. Men want to be protectors and providers as a means of expressing their love and feelings for you, let him do things for you from time to time.

Share All the Same Interest

It’s cool if you both share the same passion, but you if you don’t, don’t force yourself into all his hobbies, sports and activities because you’ll only end up making him uncomfortable – especially if you bombard him with tons of questions. You can show interest in his skills and hobbies and show him you appreciate. On the other hand, don’t force him to participate in your extracurricular activities if he shows no interest. It’s still good to be able to enjoy your own passion with your own friends from time to time.

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Don’t be Jealous

Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to be overtly jealous all the time, but you can somehow show him in moderation that you’re trying to protect your bond. Say if someone is flirting with him, tell him you don’t like the way the girl acts. But make sure it’s directed to the girl’s act so he doesn’t feel like you are trying to control him. Being jealous sometimes shows that you care about him and you are trying to protect your relationship.