3 Ways to Celebrate Single Awareness Day

Couples shouldn’t have a monopoly on all the fun activities this month. As an alternative to Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness (or Appreciation) Day is a humorous holiday celebrated every February 15 for those who are not involved in romantic relationships. If you’re flying solo this February, here are a few ideas you can to do to celebrate life.

Try something new


Ever wanted to try an extreme activity like bungee jumping or tandem paragliding? The great thing about being single is that you don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on activities that you want to do. Book tickets to that solo trip you’ve been wanting to go on, visit a tourist sight near your locality that you’ve never been to, or sign up for an adventure activity.

Movie night with friends


Gather your friends at home for a movie marathon of the best Anti-Valentine’s flicks that will make you all feel better about being single like The War of the Roses, Fatal Attraction and (500) Days of Summer. Better yet, go for a horror movie special. Have everyone bring a copy of their favorite horror movie and spend the night watching these over popcorn, pizza and beer.

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Gourmet dinner for one


Instead of making do with leftover take-out food, treat yourself to the gourmet meal you deserve. Get inspired by creative concoctions from cooking shows on television or research what you’ll need to whip up a fancy meal. Shop beforehand for all the ingredients you’ll need at your local grocer. Make sure to get everything to prepare a great appetizer, entrĂ©e and dessert. Then, you can unleash your inner kitchen goddess by spending the day in the kitchen. Don’t scrimp on the wine!