5 Easy Ways to Help Save the Ocean

Oceans are pretty immense, that is why many people feel powerless in guarding them. But trust us; you don’t really have to be a Green Peace Ambassador to help save this mammoth. You can do your part with these easy-implemented actions that will surely make Mother Ocean feel loved.


Don’t shell out for items that exploit marine life

We know you are dying to wear that chic coral jewelry to complete your summer-look or show off that stylish turtle-skin hand bag to your colleagues, but please think twice before purchasing. Do not sacrifice marine life exploitation for fashion. You are just encouraging more poachers whenever you buy those items.

Clean the beach

You can join a beach clean-up in your community, initiate one or if you are on vacation, ensure that you do not leave trashes on and off the shore. You can help protect the ocean by cleaning the surroundings of your picnic area, too!

Opt for sustainable seafood

When out on a beach holidays, seafood is our best bet. When dining out, choose sustainable and healthy seafood. Avoid ordering shark fin soup, turtle eggs and the likes.


Don’t waste water

With the shifts in the weather patterns continually changing, it brings unexpected and often harsh weather, leaving states like California with severe drought problems. Do your share in water conservation, no matter where you are.

Travel Responsibly

Whether you are out kayaking, boating or cruising, never throw plastic products in the water. Turtles, fish and other marine life may mistake them for food. Choosing the most eco-friendly water activities also helps.