5 Fun Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

Summer weddings held during the day tend to be more cheerful and laid-back affairs. Unlike formal evening weddings, outdoor summer weddings almost always mean quirky and rustic venue decorations, food and giveaways. The same goes for the wedding cake! Here are a few ideas to make your dessert table a bit more non-traditional and fun for the guests,

Cupcake Tower


Cupcakes are always a fun, easy and budget-friendly alternative to a large wedding cake. If you stick the color scheme, cupcake towers can become instant décor and focal points at the reception area. Mix and match a wide variety of flavors and decorative elements so that there’s something for everyone. You can also opt for towers of other handheld treats such as donuts or macarons. You can easily dress up these treats to match your theme.

Candy Buffet


Always a colorful sight at parties, a self-serve candy buffet is a fun and interactive way for guests to enjoy the sweet treats they’d like to eat. Place customized boxes or bags on the table so guests can scoop up treats to eat or take home. Select candy with colors that complement your theme and place them in different containers with varied heights and signs to make the candy buffet table look visually interesting. You could also pick candies that have special meaning to you and your spouse and incorporate the backstories in the signages. This doubles as dessert and as wedding favors!

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Desserts in Jars

If you’re going for a vintage or rustic-themed garden wedding, desserts in small mason jars would make lovely take-home treats. Think of hardy treats that will last such as brownies, layer cakes, fruit crumbles, and puddings. For summer weddings, fruit tarts, sponge cakes, and truffles with seasonal fruits like passion fruit, cherries, grapefruit and peaches look lovely. Be sure to decorate the jars with a thank you card and ribbons for a more rustic touch.

Ice Cream Bar


Everyone loves ice cream and for summer weddings, a DIY sundae bar can be more memorable than a formal wedding cake. Choose trendy or gourmet flavors like New York Cheesecake, Cake Batter and Red Velvet for a sweet treat, along with colorful toppings and sprinkles.

Carnival Classics


Ideal for circus, carnival or country fair themed weddings, a buffet of carnival classics would make a fitting and fun alternative to a wedding cake. Bright arrangements of cotton candy, caramel popcorn, cake pops, snow cones or even cocktail peanuts give your guests the option to choose their favorites.