5 Whimsical Wedding Bouquets

Sometimes it’s the little details that can make a wedding stand out from the rest. Aside from the wedding dress and food, it’s the details like table centerpieces, favors, and floral bouquets that can make a wedding truly memorable.

coffee filter flower bouquet

For those who want to inject a little bit of whimsy and personality in their wedding, here are some alternatives to the usual bouquets which can be used by the bride herself or by the entourage and flower girls. Since these flowers won’t wilt, you can treasure them forever.

Fabric flowers

For romantic or vintage weddings, a delicate bouquet of rosettes made from fabric or woven cloth, adorned with little touches like pearl accents, feathers or lace ribbons can be a lovely alternative to real flowers. You can choose the exact shade of cloth for the bouquet to match the materials to other colored elements in the wedding, such as the groom’s suit lining, bow tie, or pocket square.

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Fabric bouquets are also a good option for flower girls and young bridesmaids, who might damage real flowers before the ceremony or when they walk down the aisle.

Paper Flower

Faux paper flowers

For themed weddings, paper is a great alternative that will give you flexibility in designing your own bouquet. One oversized flower can make quite a statement, while elaborate bouquets made of paper can resemble real flowers but last much longer.


Recycled paper flowers

If you’re having a more informal wedding, you can play around even more by incorporating hand-rolled paper flowers crafted using book pages, music sheets or old maps. This is a good option for quirky weddings or couples who share a passion for books, music or travel.


The button bouquet is becoming quite a trend for weddings with a bright, fun theme as well as rustic affairs! Buttons come in all colours and sizes and are widely available in craft stores. Creative brides can opt to make their own unique button bouquet without spending too much. This fun and colorful bouquet is also a good option for younger bridesmaids or flower girls.

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For summer weddings, country weddings or those with colorful motifs, a bouquet made of a cluster of brightly colored pinwheels can be an unexpected and lovely touch. Pinwheels keep the vibe light-hearted and festive, and can double as a wedding favor for younger members of the bridal party.