6 Worst Types of Books for Your Children

Reading is a perfect way to bond with your child, and it is also a powerful tool to increase their vocabulary, attention span and memory. Although we believe that every child should be given freedom to choose their own reading materials, it is also important to guide them on which book to read. Here are some types of books that you might want to avoid buying for your child:


1. Most often than not, the charming princess characters on some fairy tale books seem to encourage materialism, self-entitlement, the need to be rescued and being too dependent on someone.

2. Books featuring monsters and other scary characters that will traumatize your dear little ones.

3. Stories with the main character dying. You don’t want to see your kid sob in heartbreak because the main character – be it a person or a pet – dies.

4. Books where parents abandon their children or the parent dies.

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5. Tales that manipulate kids to become heavy consumers. You will most likely end up shopping for more toys and clothes suggested by the author.

6. Stories encouraging children to fight and scold their parents or siblings. Why not buy him/her a book where the characters, especially the parent and the kids have mutually respectful relationship?