Bridal Shower Ideas for Spring

Spring is the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. But aside from the wedding, there’s also the bridal shower to look forward to. Here are a few ideas for bridal shower parties appropriate for the season.

Tea Party


The tea party theme is one of the most popular bridal shower themes all-year around. But springtime is the perfect time to hold one, as the warmer weather is suitable for holding the event outdoors in a garden. Ask guests to come dressed in floral and pastel dresses, serve dainty tea sandwiches and iced tea, and make sure to decorate the venue with pretty floral arrangements and vintage details. lists some pretty party ideas for a bridal shower tea party.

Spa Day


A beauty and spa day is a perfect way to incorporate the pre-wedding beauty treatments needed by the bride and the entourage and good old-fashioned girl bonding. For a hassle-free event, book a group package with a spa of your choice. For a more personal touch, host the party in someone’s house and have DIY beauty and spa treatments like facials, foot scrubs and hair masks to make sure everyone is relaxed and de-stressed after all the wedding preparations. shows how you can host your own spa-themed briday shower.

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Spring Bling


Jazz up the usual floral theme with a little sparkle with an elegant “Spring Bling” themed bridal shower. Add some glitzy details to the venue, adorn the table centerpieces with faux diamonds, and serve gold popcorn. Ask your guests to come in glam attire for an afternoon of good conversation, great food and sparkling wine. Here’s some party inspiration for your Spring Bling affair from