DIY Projects with Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook paper books that come in various designs and colors are available widely in craft stores. These beautifully patterned prints can be used for various projects from home decor to crafting. Here are some inspiring ideas to decorate your home and come up with unique crafts just using inexpensive scrapbook paper.


Bookshelves and drawers

Give new life to a plain display cabinet, shelf or drawers, by patchworking it with pieces of scrapbook paper. Simply cut out pieces of paper and line the back of the shelf or cabinet with your chosen prints for a fun and colorful design. Stick to one color scheme for a more classic look or mix and match prints for a fun vibe. This works well for kid’s play room, or for displaying toys, dolls, collections or other decorative items.


Small notebooks and journals in pretty prints can be expensive when you buy them in gift shops. If you’ve got any plain notebooks lying around, simply wrapping the covers in pretty scrapbook paper can achieve the same effect. This can be a fun project for kid’s school notebooks. You can even make a set for giveaways at birthday parties and holidays. Keep a few of these handy every time you need a token gift.

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Gift boxes and containers

Repurpose plain boxes, jars or large tin cans with lids by wrapping them separately to create handy and pretty gift boxes and containers you can use for various purposes. Be warned, you may end up wanting to keep all the boxes to store your knick-knacks on your desk.


Scrapbook wallpaper art

Got a plain wall in one room? You can instantly transform it into a fun wall by applying pages of scrapbook paper directly on the wall like a wallpaper collage. Just pick a color palette or prints that match the room’s color scheme and stick them up on the wall. This also works on the back of a door and instantly brightens up a room. For a more minimalist look, choose only a few coordinating sheets of paper and arrange it on the wall like wall art or a mosaic.

Decorations and banners

Scrapbook paper has so many uses in terms of decorative elements for parties. Larger sheets can be folded into paper pinwheels, be used as placemat liners, and can be transformed into festive banners and buntings.