DIY Tips for Painterly Quilts

Dying to paint on fabrics but don’t know how to? Try water color landscape quilting to express your artsy ideas. There are two styles: Painterly quilts and pictorial quilts. In this article we will discuss tips on making painterly quilts which is described by Cathy Geier as “an art history term for a style in which beauty of the subject is expressed through the artist’s brushwork.”


1. Choose your own photo, we recommend using your own photo so you can actually own entirely your creation. Try to pick something that you really like so you will e inspired working on it, but at the same time, avoid a photo with too much detail.

2. Fabrics can be used to create depth of landscape, says Geier in her book “Watercolor Landscape Quilts,” so she advises to use gray, muted fabrics in the background as they have lighter values while the rich, intense colors needs to be placed in the foreground.

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3. Choose fabrics that have clear outlines and those that have fine metallic outlines. Geier explains she recommends this type of fabric as the metallic line created by the manufacturer lessens the unraveling of the raw edges of the cutouts.

4. Be careful in picking your thread as sometimes they can be speckled and might include colors that you won’t really need in your masterpiece.