Five Ways To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

The new year is always laden with endless lists of new year’s resolutions. This year, throw out the long list and instead, focus on just one big goal: Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever! Here’s five areas you should consider when mapping out your everything better year.

Invigorate yourself with a new look


Feel better about yourself by treating yourself to a new look. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Get a haircut, try on new lipcolors, or slip into a red carpet-worthy look. Feeling great about your looks and self-image feeds your confidence, giving you the energy to go for what you want.

Going for a new look also helps break the monotony and adds a little excitement to your ordinary everyday. While slipping into sassy new sandals may seem like a simple thing, the emotional boost they provide is undeniable.

Improve your career by becoming more productive


Dreaming of getting a promotion or a raise? It doesn’t have to be a dream. You can make it happen by starting with yourself. It’s not enough to simply show up at work. You need to go the extra mile by giving more of yourself.

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Before you shy away at the thought, giving more of yourself to work does not mean living for work. It means approaching work from a more productive angle: becoming more efficient and more focused so you can do more with the least amount of effort. Get rid of time-wasting habits and learn from other people. Be the best you can be at work to make your bosses sit up and notice.

Become healthier with 10-minute chunks of exercise


Oftentimes, the word exercise is said with fear, sometimes, even with derision. But even though everyone acknowledges its health benefits, rarely do people include it in their lives, mostly because we’re all too busy to give it time or the gym is too far.

Don’t be overwhelmed. While the CDC-recommended two hours and thirty minutes of exercise each week seems daunting, they’re quick to add that doing it in ten-minute increments is fine. So that ten-minute brisk walk to get to the subway, or that fun ten-minute dance while you vacuum the carpet? Counts as exercise!

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Go for a fresher outlook by traveling


Travel is the great eyeopener, letting you discover new things and see old things from a fresher perspective. Sure, it can get pricey, but life experiences are among the best investments you can make. Immerse yourself in new places and new encounters, and emerge so much richer, not just in photos but in memories and perspectives.

Go globetrotting with Nat Geo’s recommendations. Corsica, Medellin in Colombia, and Koyasan in Japan are among their choices for 2015’s Best Trips list. If you’d rather stay close to home, Lonely Planet picks Queens, New York, Western South Dakota, and New Orleans, Louisiana as their top travel destinations in the US for 2015.

Connect with your friends and loved ones


Nurture your relationships and make time for friends and family. Not only does staying connected keep you in the loop, it also keeps you mentally and emotionally healthy. Talking and listening to each other strengthens our bonds, that in turn, make us happy.

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A study that followed its subjects for over twenty years showed that people were happier when they had happy friends living within a mile. It even had a rippling effect, connecting a person’s happiness to others up to three degrees of separation. Think it’s all emotional? It has biological roots, too! The happy hormone oxytoxin plays a pivotal part in social behavior by nurturing relationship bonds and trust.