High-Paying Jobs for Women that Does Not Require a Degree

Worried that you can’t get a job because you didn’t graduate from college? Fret not, because we’ve scoured the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for a list of high-paying jobs that you can apply for that does not require a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree.


Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales managers

With a median annual wage of $107,950, this job is worth giving a try. It does not require a related occupation nor a previous on-the-job training, but it will require you to be motivated, goal oriented, aggressive and personable, as you will be dealing with possible clients most of the time. You will have weekly, monthly and annual monetary goals to achieve, so being patient and hard-working will help.

Education Administrators

This job is in demand now and is predicted to be in demand until 2022, at least. We are looking at an annual wage of $82,930, so it does not hurt to give it a shot. The usual task is to manage the administration, support systems and activities that enable the effective running of the institution.

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Financial Analyst and Advisors

Want to earn $71,770 yearly? Then grab that financial analyst or financial advisor job. You need to be a good communicator and rapport builder as you will be talking to tons of possible clients. This job is also commissioned-based so you also get the possibility to earn more than the regular fixed income salary. However, as it does not guarantee a fixed monthly income, self-discipline and hard work are required for success.