Our Four Favorite Summer DIY Projects

Looking to spruce up your summer wardrobe with bright colors? Instead of hitting the mall, hit your arts and craft box for handmade fashions. Not only will they be unique, suited to your preferences and size, and more affordable, you get the satisfaction of making something with your hands. Isn’t that the best reason of all? Here’s a list of our most summery DIY ideas.


Beach Totes

Summer means hitting the beach. Get ready for your next beach visit with a handmade beach tote. Handmade means you can choose the fabric pattern of your choice, allowing you to coordinate with your clothes, or just going with something you like. Sewing your own also allows you to dictate your own specifications, adding a velcro strap to hold your sunnies, or a lined waterproof compartment to store damp clothes in.


Our favorites include a basic lined tote, a see-through mesh bag, a kitschy flamingo tote, a no-sew beach tote and this gigantic oversized beach bag for everything you and your family will need.

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Summer Cover-ups

Can’t find the perfect cover-up to match your adorable cutesy bikini? Or you can’t find one small enough for your baby daughter? It’s easy enough so why not try making one yourself? Sew one using lightweight fabric, or upcycle using your old t-shirts. It’s important to choose a fabric that dries easily and can be rolled up to slip inside your beach tote. You can also recycle microfiber towels for ultra-absorbent cloth that dries easily.

Try these out no-sew halter cover-up, a beach towel wrap, kimono-style beach wrap, and a tunic dress from an old t-shirt.

Pillow Covers

Using accent pillows are an excellent way to add a seasonal touch to your living room and bedroom. Choose fabric in bright shades and summery prints for instant pops of color around your home. There’s no need to make complete pillow case sets unless you want to. One or two mixed in among whites or neutrals goes a long way in brightening the mood up.

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You can sew a simple one up, opt for a no-sew Japanese furoshiki-style version, or a bold one using an old statement t-shirt.

Pet Accessories

Puppies and kitties may look adorable in little clothes, but in the summer heat, it might be a bit too stifling for them. Instead of dressing them up, opt for bandannas and ribbons that add a splash of color and flair without being too obtrusive.

We love this no-sew bow tie for both formal and fun occasions, and these colorful bandannas for a more roguish look. Plus, this reversible one is double the fun.


Itching to start crafting already? This is a good place to start as any, so gather up those supplies and get sewing. Or no-sewing, as some of these projects require. Whatever you choose, go ahead, have fun, and let your creativity shine.