How to Save on Your Wedding Budget

It used to be that couples went all out on their wedding day, spending tens of thousands of dollars for the event alone.

These days, however, it pays to be practical. Rather than burn all your savings on a single day, use the money instead as a downpayment for your new home. You (and your kids) will both be grateful for it later.

Having a wedding well within your budget, however, doesn’t mean it won’t be memorable. Here’s how you can save from your wedding budget and still enjoy the best day of your lives.

wedding rings
Photo by Allan Ajifo via Flickr

Consider getting married off-season.

Everyone wants to get married in June or October, making these months the peak period for weddings. This means more expenses; the greater the demand, the higher the prices go up.

If you must wed in summer, choose the weekday over the weekends. Guests would leave early since they would have work the next day. On weekends, choose brunch over dinner.

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Have an outdoor wedding.

beach wedding
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Church weddings mean that you have to decorate both the church and the venue for the wedding reception. When you have an outdoor wedding, that cuts the decor expenses in half, or even more.

Weddings in gardens, parks, beaches, or even your own backyard cost much less to decorate, since nature is already contributing to the beauty of your venue. Since the reception is also in the same place, you also save on transportation for your bridal retinue and your guests.

Pay attention to all the extra expenses.

Photo by Olessya via Pixabay

Weddings have big expenses, like the bride’s gown, the venue, and the catering. However, there are also a number of extras that can drain your budget if you’re not aware of it.

Photography, for example, can be expensive. Try crowdsourcing; maybe your friends (and their friends) know a skilled amateur photographer who can give a discount on his services without sacrificing quality. You can also ditch the expensive wedding souvenirs and instead give your guests floral and plant favors. Consider replacing expensive wedding cakes with these fun alternatives as well.

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You don’t have to begin your married life by being broke. Be practical and follow the above tips to save on your wedding budget.