Six Steps to Rebooting your Life

Traditionally, summer is when we head out to the beach to refresh our bodies. But while it’s important to give our bodies a break, it’s just as important to refresh our psyches. A refreshed body, coupled with a refreshed mind, is essential to happiness and contentment.


Manage your stress by breaking things down.

Stress is one of the biggest energy drainers. If you’re unhappy, chances are, there are stressful things that are clouding your vision, keeping your happiness from you. Learn to manage your stress by letting go of things you have no control over. Don’t flog yourself over problems that can’t be fixed. Instead, find ways to chip away at your problems, no matter how small. Break down big things into smaller, manageable chunks and celebrate each victory.

If your work day feels overwhelming, break down your obligations into the small, manageable tasks that make it up. Do the tasks that can easily be accomplished, then tick it off your list. Doing so will not only make you realize that the task is manageable, it also allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment at having done something that can be taken off your list.


Love yourself.

We’re always reminded to love the people around us and to spread the goodness. But when was the last time you were good to yourself? Before you start loving others, it’s important to love yourself. Forgive yourself for your failings, and dwell on the good things you have going. Stop and reflect on what’s great about you, instead of dwelling on your failures and remind yourself about what an excellent, productive person you are. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll perform better and live up to the excellence you see.

Do a good deed.

Do something for a loved one, a friend, your community, or a total stranger. Good deeds call forth positive energies and not only will you feel better about improving someone’s life, you’re also starting a ripple effect that will make another person’s day better, too. From small things, like holding the elevator for someone rushing to make it, to helping build a community youth center for your city, your good deeds will be the first in a chain of giving and goodness.


Learn something new.

Rise up to the challenge of learning something new, whether it’s something life changing, like taking up your master’s degree, or something small like learning how to bake bread from scratch, studying feeds your mind and spirit. The satisfaction from a newly acquired skill provides you with confidence, not just in your new skill, but in your capacity to grow and improve.

Cleanse your body, cleanse your mind.

Free yourself from bad habits and detoxify your life from the unnecessary things. Start eating healthier and getting adequate sleep. Clearing the garbage from your life—both the physical and emotional—makes you feel lighter, leaner, renewed, and able to do anything you put your mind to. When you’re free from what was holding you down, success comes easily.


Let positivity fuel you.

Reject negativity and fill yourself with positivity. Dwelling on the negatives feeds it and makes it grow larger, gnawing on your happiness and self-esteem. Instead, acknowledge the positives in your life and let them fill your heart. Even bad things have good sides to them, if only we can see them. Search for the silver lining and use it to feed your happiness. Keep a gratitude journal where you can jot down the good things that happened to you that day. Whenever sadness or uncertainty comes knocking, send it away by flipping through your gratitude journal for an instant boost of positive energies.

Whenever we feel bogged down by life, remember that our life is only as good as we make it. Don’t let the negativity win. Instead, reboot your mind and body to set you back on the path to happiness and contentment.