How to Spend More Time with your Pets

Numerous studies have shown the beneficial aspects pet ownership. Spending time with pets can ease stress, improve nutrition and improve people’s general well-being. Now that the holidays are over, you may be going back to work and leaving your pets at home for long hours.


Pets thrive from attention from their owners. And since time spent with pets equates to better health for people, you will both benefit by investing a few extra minutes each day to spending quality time with your furry friends.

Set aside time after work


Set aside time everyday for quality playtime with your pets. It could be as soon as you get home, or 30 minutes before it’s time for bed. Establish a routine for playtime, and you’ll have a happier pet and be able to de-stress from a busy work day. Reward them with small treats for performing tricks.

Let them help with chores


Talk to your pet while doing chores around the house. Whether you’re folding the laundry, making dinner or clearing up the clutter, talking to your pets will help keep tasks light and enjoyable while keeping pets occupied. Have a ball or toy to play fetch with your dog in between tasks. Cats are naturally curious and will probably be supervising your chores anyway.

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Mix TV and playtime


Combine your evening time for watching television with spending time with your pets. You can still easily watch your favorite series while brushing your dog or playing with dangly toys with your cat from the couch or bed.

Take them with you on errands


If your pet likes a change of scenery and the weather is good, take them along on a car ride or out the next time you have to run a few errands. Instead of working out in a gym, go for a brisk walk with your dog.

Despite your busy schedule, there are always ways to sneak in a few minutes of time with your pets.