Tiny Apartment? No Problem!

So you’re moving to a new city for the seventh time? Finally, your dream apartment is right in front of you, and as tiny as it seems to be, this surprisingly feels home. And as 2015 is doing-things-right year, here’s a rundown of simple small apartment hacks that your savings account will thank you for.


1. Maximize space under your bed. Make an under bed storage out of wooden crates and stack your valuables in it. You may also make your own rolling storage crates. Organize it neatly.

2. Be mindful of the width of your furniture. It is ideal to get vertical fixtures to save space. Anything stackable, foldable, and movable is a good idea. Be innovative.

3. Forego bulky cabinets and get yourself those standing garment racks or better yet, try those hanging frames. It is less space consuming and cheaper on the pocket.

4. Pick light items for your apartment that you may easily and comfortably hang. Hang your bike, your bags, coats, shoes, etc.

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5. If you can, add a loft anywhere — a bed space for your guests, books, sporting items, kitchen pieces, and other important home items.

6. Opt for sliding doors instead of the conventional ones.

7. Forego bulky dividers for your small apartment space. Install curtains as an alternative.

8. Paint your room white (or any light colors) to make your room apartment space brighter and make use of mirrors to make an illusion of a bigger space.

9. Utilize the back part of your doors: hang in your bags, storage racks, light bookshelves, or whatever rocks your boat.

10. Do not hoard. I repeat, do not hoard.