Our Top 3 Calendar Apps

The advent of smartphones and mobile devices brought about hundreds and thousands of apps to keep you entertained and organized. Here are three of our favorite calendar apps that can help you be on top of all your responsibilities this 2015.



A favorite among app geeks, Sunrise is one of the best cross-platform apps available now. Tinker it on your iPhone, Android or even on your Mac! It is made for Google, iCloud and Exchange, and even has support for Google Task, Eventbrite, TripIt, Evernote, and not to mention its real-time sync of events, time zone support, weather forecasts features, and a lot more.



This could be just like your ordinary calendar, and in it are your ordinary work events, football games to watch or upcoming travels but one tap away and it expands. UpTo has two layers. The first layer contains your personal calendar and the second one consists of the publicly shared calendars based on your interests—Facebook events, TV series, concerts, and a whole lot more. You can even publish and share your own unrestricted calendars as well!


Swamped with too many appointments for the week you can’t even squeeze a meeting with your bike group, or date night with your boyfriend or even a simple lunch out with dad? Calendly may just be your way out. This app allows you to share your calendar to your chosen viewers and let invitees add themselves into your schedule.