The Ultimate Guide for Dating Yourself

Whenever February rolls around, we’re flooded with gushy articles about love everlasting and bitter articles about being alone on Valentines. This year, let’s break the mold and focus on the most important person you can date—yourself! Whether you’re single or paired up, give yourself a break and go for some me time. Here’s a date guide that balances pampering and self-improvement. It’s sure to be one of the best dates you’ll ever be on, because face it, who knows better what you want than yourself?

Primping and Pampering


You spend hours getting ready for a big date. If you lavish that much care and attention to gain your date’s approval, you should show that same care on your self-date. Go for that nourishing hair mask you’ve been wanting to get for ages. Chill with a mani-pedi, or a foot spa even. Surprise yourself with a new hairstyle. Go crazy with your choices. After all, this time, there’s no one to impress but yourself. And the best part? You can take your own sweet time.

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The Perfect Present


How many times have you feigned delight at a Valentine’s day present that’s less than spectacular? Did you have to ooh-and-ahh at that gaudy bracelet? How did you lie your way through having to return that ghastly printed designer scarf? This year, go shopping for the perfect Valentines gift for yourself. You don’t even have to stop at one. Go ahead and shower yourself with presents! You know you deserve them all.

The Artsy Activity


Like visiting museums or watching plays? Take the artsy date activity up a notch by switching roles. Instead of looking at art, create art by setting up a date with a sketchpad or your journal. Don’t be pressured to create masterpieces at the first try. Even the great artists and writers had to learn. But the first step is always to start with something so grab that paintbrush, that pen, or any artistic medium you choose, and start creating. Don’t worry about rules and impressing critics. You’re doing this for yourself, so soak up the inspiration and let your inner artist go forth and create.

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The Fancy Dinner


Enjoy haute cuisine at swanky restaurants? Learn a new dish or two. Pick out one of your favorite fancy dishes, google a recipe, go shopping, then cook! Don’t be daunted if it seems complicated. There are tutorials on Youtube for just about everything, so grab the opportunity to learn a new technique. Not only do you get to treat yourself to your favorite dishes, you get self-improvement points for leveling up your cooking repertoire. Total win-win situation.

The Most Thought-Provoking Convo


Think a solo-date will leave you bereft of a good conversation? Curl up to your favorite book or Netflix your favorite movie and get caught up in a fictional world that’s even better. How many times have you wanted to hang out with your favorite fictional characters? Valentines is as good a time as any!

The Perfect Ending


Skip the sexy lingerie and go for luxurious organic cotton, silk, or cashmere pajamas. Choose a well-fitting pair that hugs your body comfortably. Then, slip into a bed fitted with high quality sheets. Real Simple ( recommends 100% long-staple cotton fiber sheets with high thread counts for soft sheets you’ll love sleeping in. And don’t forget to ditch the alarm clock, even if it’s just for one day. Sleep as long as you want. You deserve it.