Why You Should Always Have Virgin Coco Oil in Your Home

Did you know that virgin coconut oil (VCO) is one of the best products nature can offer? It’s not only good for your health, it can do wonders as a beauty product too. This super oil can provide you with countless beauty benefits without the high price tag charged by other products. So ditch those lotions and creams and stock up on virgin coconut oil. Here’s why:


Virgin coco oil is an ideal skin moisturizer.

Studies have proven VCO to be even more effective than lotion in providing your skin with nourishment. Individuals with dry skin who apply virgin coco oil exhibit improved moisture retention, appearance, and lipid content of the skin. Another clinical study has shown that applying virgin coco oil to skin shares the same effectiveness as a sunscreen rated with SPF 15 to SPF20.

Virgin coco oil is a powerful hair protectant.

VCO can serve as a protective barrier against hair damage by coating each hair strand. It can also make your hair look healthier by giving it a great sheen and a bouncy feel.

Credit: Phu Thinh Co / flickr.com
Credit: Phu Thinh Co / flickr.com

Virgin coco oil can be used as a mouthwash.

Through a process called oil pulling, virgin coco oil destroys harmful microorganisms present in your mouth. This effectively reduces bad breath and the occurrence of dental caries. VCO can also amplify the effectiveness of whitening agents by a significant amount.

Indeed, with all these beauty benefits, it’s clear why virgin coconut oil is getting more and popular nowadays. It certainly deserves its reputation as a super oil!