5 Inspiring Solo Female Travel Bloggers

Ladies are out to conquer the world! For all those women who are tired of being told they can’t travel safely on their own or feel stuck in their 9 to 5 jobs, these inspiring women show us that it’s possible to break boundaries and achieve your dreams.

Alex in Wanderland

A New York native who left her home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly. Alex says she spent most of her life fighting an “incurable case of wanderlust.” As someone who has a penchant for “chasing crazy characters down rabbit holes,” she has found a way to center her life around travel. Her blog recounts the destinations she’s been to in interesting travel anecdotes and lovely photographs.

Adventurous Kate

Photo credit: Kate McCulley / adventurouskate.com

Originally from the Boston area, Adventurous Kate started achieving her lifetime dream of traveling the world after four years of establishing a career in online marketing. At the age of 26, she quit her job to travel Southeast Asia for six months, which turned into four years across more than 50 countries. Her blog explores how female solo travel can be done safely and reasonably while inspiring others to live a life of travel and fun.

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The Blonde Abroad

Credit: Kiersten Rich / theblondeabroad.com
Photo credit: Kiersten Rich / theblondeabroad.com

The Blonde Abroad is run by Kiersten, a California native, who left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since she started, she’s traveled to over 40 countries and knocked some big adventures off her bucket list. Kiersten says she established her blog when she decided to stop living a life bound by limitations and live a life without borders. Through her blog, she shares her passion for travel, her love of experiencing new cultures, and her mission to help support non-profit organizations.

This American Girl

Seattle native Camille sold all of her possessions early in 2012, decided to ditch the “American Dream” and pursue her own instead. She hit the road on a one-way flight and never looked back. With stops in exotic locations in Central and South America, she continues to explore the world one country at a time. Since starting her journey, she’s been to over twenty countries, become a certified yoga teacher, and has “discovered the true meaning of happiness.” Her blog shares her journey of searching for spiritual and physical balance and bliss.

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Where is Jenny

Jenny of Where is Jenny is one cool chick. As a graphic designer, photographer, writer, skateboarder, entrepreneur, world traveler, and student of life, she’s managed to design her life in a way that suits whatever it is she wants to do in that moment. Her location independent graphic design business allows her to work anywhere in the world and has taken her to 11 different countries. She’s pursued everything from racing professional motocross, to volunteering to world travel. Her blog details her extreme adventures and advice on traveling the world.