DIY Camping Hacks

Summer is the perfect time to go camping. Be the star of your outdoor trip and make life a little easier for everyone with these useful tips and tricks.


Make a stove out of a soda can

Credit: John Nakamura Remy /
Credit: John Nakamura Remy /

For instant campfire cooking or boiling water, all you need are a few cans and a knife and you’ve got yourself an instant stovetop. The alcohol-burning stove weighs very little, but can still boil water for your coffee in the morning. Check out this handy guide to building your own soda-can stove.

Light ’em up

Illuminate your tent or camp table at night with just a water bottle and headlamp. Just strap the headlight with the bulb facing in onto a transparent jug of water to fill the place with ambient light. No need to bring a lantern with you on your trip.

Get the fire going with chips


If you’re having a hard time starting a fire, corn chips can make a great substitute to kindling according to Lifehacker. Tasty and oily treats like Fritos or Doritos catch fire easily and can help get the fire started. Enjoy the rest of the bag once you’ve got your fire going strong.

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Ward away mosquitos with herbs

Credit: Jasleen Kaur /
Credit: Jasleen Kaur /

Bring a package of sage along to ward mosquitos naturally. Just place a dried package of the small evergreen subshrub commonly used as a culinary herb in the campfire for a natural incense. The smell works as a natural insect repellent and is sure to ward off pesky mosquitoes.

Don’t forget the duct tape

Credit: Joe Loong /
Credit: Joe Loong /

Channel your inner MacGyver and wrap duct-tape around your water bottle in case of emergencies. Duct tape has many uses around camp from temporarily fixing tears in tents and sleeping bags to sealing packages of food so as not to attract wild animals. The tape can be used as a fly trap, to mark a trail, and even support a sprained or rolled ankle in case anyone gets into accidents. Don’t forget the Swiss knife either!