Travel Inspiration from Vanilla Sky Dreaming

Travel is one of the most moving experiences one can experience in life. The act of getting to know a new place and its people is priceless. So why aren’t we all packing our bags and planning out our itineraries yet? We got together with Hofit Kim Cohen of the multi-awarded travel and lifestyle blog Vanilla Sky Dreaming in the hopes that her own travels will inspire you to get started on your own.

Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /
Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /

Inspired to Live Life to the Fullest

“Live life to the fullest! Live every second like it was your last.” For Kim, life is too short so she believes in making her own dreams come true and not waiting around for other people. If it means having to travel solo, so be it. Her bags are packed, and she’s ready to go. “A day in the life of traveling is like a week in your normal day to day life, it’s incredible,” says Kim.

Inspired by Learning

Traveling is a great way to learn about other cultures and places. And because it’s all firsthand info, you get to learn about things not taught in school or in textbooks. “Traveling is really one of the best education experiences in a persons life. You learn so much about culture, history, food, people and art. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone and do things you normally wouldn’t do in your life.”

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Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /
Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /

Inspired by Food Discoveries

Food is a mirror of a country’s culture. It’s also a wonderful reason to travel because food prepared locally will always outshine the versions you have locally. Eating paella in Spain, gelato in Italy, and tagine in Morocco will forever be the high point of your trip. A vegetarian of twenty years, Kim’s favorite travel destination for dining is India, not only for the flavorful spices and bold flavors, but because of their excellent selection of vegetarian dishes.

Cuisine is never a hindrance, even for people with special dietary needs. When faced with a language barrier and the absence of an English menu, Kim turns to photo menus or actual food displays.

Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /
Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /

Inspired by Adventure

Exploring new places, even the most sedate ones, is a wonderful way to appease your sense of adventure. The new experiences you go through boosts your self-esteem and confidence in many ways you can’t even begin to imagine. And these unique experiences are the ones you’ll bring back with you wherever you go, no matter how much time passes. “Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, some of the greatest things out there are the ones we are most scared of. Be adventurous, keep an open mind and enjoy every bit of it.”

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Being Inspired by Other Travelers

Looking to other people’s travels for inspiration is a surefire way to get off your feet and break the occasional uninspired spell. Even travel bloggers like Kim can get bitten by the lazy bug. “Of course, just like any normal person, I have those days where I wanna be in bed all day and live life like a princess,” she laughs. When those days crop up, she hops around on Instagram to chase away the blues. She also cites Pinterest, and would you believe, Groupon as a source for inspiration.

Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /
Photo credit: Hofit Kim Cohen /

Inspiring other Travelers

While living her life to the fullest is her main reason for traveling, she also enjoys sharing her experiences with other people. “I think the thing that I enjoy most is inspiring people to go out there and make their dreams come true and being able to express myself creatively.”

Pretty inspiring list, don’t you think? So what are you waiting for? Get your #travelspo and #YOLO on and book that flight. There’s so much of the world to see and only so much time to see it. What’s the first country on your travel list?

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Kim’s travel goal for 2015 is to visit 25 countries. She has already visited 16 for the year, and may up the ante to 30. Read more about her travels on Vanilla Sky Dreaming. You may also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.