The Most Romantic (But Lesser-Known) Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

There is nothing like going to Italy for your honeymoon. Fantastic scenery, luxurious hotels, great food, and an even better ambiance–a honeymoon in Italy will definitely be something to remember.

Everyone, however, already knows Rome, Venice, and Florence as the places to be for romance. For your honeymoon, choose somewhere less touristy so you can have the the best of everything–beauty and romance, sans the crowd. Here are three places in Italy you can go to make your honeymoon a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

leaning tower of pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Photo by Aleah Taboclaon


Pisa lies in Tuscany, a region best known for its natural beauty, art, and history. You can find some of the most famous art pieces in the world in its capital, Florence. Honeymooners like you, however, may find Florence to be a bit much. There’s just too many people loving this city. An alternative is Pisa, just over an hour away by train.

Although well-known for its Leaning Tower, Pisa is still a good place to go for your honeymoon. Most tourists would just spend a day here anyway, going straight from the train station to Piazza del Duomo where the tower is.

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Once you’ve been there yourself, head to the coast for a wonderful time in the sun and sand. The countryside offers other activities, too, from trekking and mountain biking, to horseback riding and even just picnicking. If you want to try out the thermal baths, you can find some in Casciana Terme, San Giuliano Terme, and Uliveto Terme. They come highly recommended for the therapeutic qualities of the waters there.

Photo by NPVF via Wikipedia


If you want the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the romance of Venice and Florence, without the crowds and the associated hefty price tag, head to Cilento, a region in Italy that thankfully remains untouched by tourism.

So-called one of the best-kept secrets of Italy, Cilento has dramatic mountain ranges, unspoiled beaches, great cuisine, and a rich history with the requisite centuries-old ruins. It remains off the tourist radar at the moment, making it the perfect place to be for your honeymoon.

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Photo by Megan Mallen via Wikimedia


Piedmont, like Cilento, is currently off the beaten path. You won’t find loads of tourists here like you would in Rome but the scenery is magnificent. It lies in the border of Switzerland and France, so you will get unbelievably beautiful views of the mountain ranges that make up the Alps.

You can find centuries-old palaces and castles in Piedmont, too, making it a highly recommended honeymoon destination in Italy.

For romance and timeless elegance, you would do well indeed, to look beyond Venice, Florence, and Rome for your honeymoon in Italy.