Stay in Shape with These Vacation Ideas

Planning this summer’s vacation already? It’s always tempting to sign up for a week’s worth of partying, eating, and boozing, but the ensuing return to reality doesn’t just mean post-vacation hangover. It also translates to being in the worst shape ever! Instead of going with the status quo and just lazing around the beach, go for something active, different, and rejuvenating enough to keep your spirits up long after the vacation is over.

Sun, Sand, and Surf


Can’t plan a summer trip without including the beach? Instead of just sunbathing all day long, try a more active approach by infusing activities like surfing and beach volleyball into your itinerary. These sports allow you to get your sun, water, and sand time while giving you an adequate workout. They’re also a great way to meet locals and other tourists. For out of the country surfing, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, and Australia are good vacation spots. If you’d like to stay in the US, Hawaii and California offer great waves.

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Fitness Benefit: All the pre-surf paddling is good for your cardiovascular fitness, as well as for shoulder and back strength. The actual surfing is excellent for leg and core strength.

Explore on Two Wheels


Nothing lets you experience new places better than being on the road. Even more so when you’re just on two wheels. Whether you’re exploring quaint little towns or taking dirt roads up a mountain, biking is a challenging yet rewarding way to explore. Rent a bike at your travel destination, or pack up your own folding bike. You can also choose to stay close to home, grab a map, then bike directly to wherever.

Before departing on your biking adventure, do your research and plot out your route beforehand. Check the condition of your bike and make sure it’s in great shape. Pack along an emergency kit with tools, a map, a GPS device or a compass, and a first aid kit.

Fitness Benefit: Biking offers great cardio, increased muscle strength and flexibility, plus improved joint mobility.

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For Adrenaline Junkies


If you’re an adrenaline junkie eager for your next fix, why not plan a whole vacation around it? A lot of tour destinations offer extreme sports that require little to no prior experience. If you want immediate results, you can try bungee jumping in New Zealand, or skyjumping in Macau. Other activities, like skydiving and paragliding, require putting in a few days worth of training, but if you plan properly and research, you’ll be able to get your fix before your vacation is over. For skydiving, Snohomish in Washington offers great views. For paragliding, Texas is a great place to start.

Fitness Benefit: Most extreme sports offer an intense full-body workout. It also stimulates your brain with the mental challenge it offers.

Feasting without the Guilt


Love food but hate all the post vacation weight gain? Instead of stuffing your face silly at buffets, try going on a culinary vacation where the focus is on cooking instead of just eating. Cooking for yourself is the best way to control what you eat, allowing you to make healthier choices instead of just eating what’s served to you.

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Learning new recipes and techniques along with fellow students stops cooking from being a chore. Check out your tour destination for classes that feature regional cooking and locally sourced ingredients. If you don’t have a travel destination in mind yet, specialty tour agencies can help you plan your next culinary adventure to Paris, Tuscany, Barcelona, Bangkok, Kyoto, or practically anywhere you fancy.

Fitness Benefit: Understanding what goes into what you eat allows you to exercise better control over your diet, letting you create healthier meals.