Style vs. Function: Which to Choose on your Travels?

They say you are what you wear, which means that you have to choose your threads carefully. After all, one of the most effective vehicles for self-expression is your wardrobe. However, with the variety of designs and trends that have saturated the market for fashion, clothing often presents a dilemma, especially when you love to travel. Given the limited space you have for luggage, which should you prioritize: style or function?

The answer will depend on several aspects.


Consider the weather. There are destinations that have relatively mild weather, which could allow you to lean towards style more than function, especially if you can endure some slight temperature variations. Dresses are always a must-have in your suitcase. You can wear a dress alone when it’s warm and then layer it with other pieces when it’s colder.

Think about your luggage limitation. Stylish dresses are usually lighter than your designer jeans, which of course would have to go with an edgy top. Versatile shoes, such as ballet flats, will go well with casual shorts and more formal dresses, so be sure to pack a pair!

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Pack for the destination and activities. No matter how much you want to bring that lovely cocktail dress, if you’re going to the mountains, you can hardly wear it there, nor would you wear it if your trip entails whitewater rafting or hiking. So, consider your destination and the things you plan to do. That said, being sporty and adventurous doesn’t have to mean blah clothes. There are outdoor brands which combine style and function.


Of course, never forget your personal taste. Whether you prefer a boho chic look or a glamour girl aura, make sure that what’s in your luggage reflects a brand that is uniquely you. Dresses come is bold color block designs and dainty florals, so take your pick. You can even let your shoes make a statement for you.

Expressing yourself in your travels can be tough, but smart planning and packing can definitely make it a breeze.