Tips to Avoid the Mistakes Travelers Usually Make

Have you ever missed your flight because you did not leave home early and you were stuck in traffic? Have you ever fought with an airline because they did not allow you to board the flight because of wrong details on your ticket or not having the necessary documents for a trip out of the country? Simple mistakes can happen, and it can ruin your trip big time. Avoid headache by keeping in mind these helpful travel tips:


Check your Passport Expiry Date

Make sure your passport is still valid prior to traveling. Six months before its expiry date is safe because most countries require 3-6 months of passport validity upon entry.

Know the Visa Requirements

Arm yourself by knowing the visa requirements, having a copy of your hotel reservations, onward ticket and whatnot. Make sure you also know how many days you are allowed to stay in that particular country to avoid penalties.

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Call your Bank

Some banks would freeze account on international withdrawals for security purposes. Make sure you contact your bank and inform them about your travel plans. Let them know the country/countries you are visiting and for how long. Banks may cancel your account for unusual activity. To be safe, bring another card with you.

Arrive Early at the Airport

You made it to the airport, hurray! But why did you still miss your flight? Maybe because the airport is too big and it took some time for your to find the right gate. Research prior to your travel or better yet, know where you should check-in and make sure you have enough time. Check the airport screens and social media for updates regarding your flight and the airport.