4 Good Reasons to Bike to Work

Biking has really taken off as a sport, for leisure and recreation. The health and environmental benefits of this sustainable mode of transport have been well-documented. However, most people save biking for the weekends and ignore its potential use for getting to and from the office during the workweek. In honor of National Bike to Work Day, here are four good reasons why you should consider making biking a part of your daily office routine.


1. You get a free and practical workout

Who has time to work out after office hours? If you’re juggling work and family duties, bike commuting can be a good way to sneak in a practical workout, without having to set aside even more time just for the gym. And why even pay for expensive gym memberships or spinning classes, if you can just go out and bike to and from work?

Bike commuting is known for having effective cardiovascular benefits. On average, bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds in their first year of cycling alone. A flat, 5-mile commute can burn around 500 calories a day. Think of it as a free gym on wheels.

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2. You’ll save so much money!

Due to rising fuel costs and constant upkeep, the cost of owning a car is significantly more than owning a bicycle. In fact, according to Sierra Club, the average annual operating cost of a bicycle is $308 – 30 times less than the average versus $8,220 for the average car. Your hard-earned money that goes towards gas, parking fees and car maintenance could be better spent.


3. You’ll save time

Americans spend an average of 25 minutes per day commuting to work and more than $700 per year simply just stuck in mind-numbing traffic. Cycling could help you get to your destination faster for a lot less. You’ve got to admit, biking to work is a lot more fun than driving your car all over town and then having to search for a good parking spot. On a bike, you can easily navigate through side streets, go through shortcuts and avoid all the traffic jams.

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4. You’re less likely to get sick

A lot of people fear breathing the fumes during their daily commute. But being outdoors is actually better than being trapped in an enclosed public transport system. A recent study by the University of Nottingham reported in the New York Daily News found that “public transit riders were six times more likely to suffer from acute respiratory infections.”