Fit Moms on Instagram Share Their Fitness Tips

Regularly following an exercise routine can be hard for anyone, most of all a mom who may barely find time to breathe, let alone have a workout.

However, quite a few fit moms have shown it can be done. They say that if fitness and health is made a priority, any mom can find time throughout the day to do a workout.

Read these Instagram moms’ fitness tips on how to find the time to exercise, whether you’re a busy mother or not.

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Schedule your workouts early.

It can be hard to do your exercise routine when you have kids running around and needing you for every little thing. Happy Fit Mama Angela Bekkala suggests doing it early. She wakes up at 4:30am and does her workout, and she’s done by the time her kids wake up.

It sounds easy, but it’s not. Who wants to leave a warm bed just to sweat? However, it becomes easier once it becomes a habit, and knowing you have done your daily workout can give you a big boost throughout the day. Trust the Fit Mama!

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Exercise with your kids.

Lauren Rodgers has two kids, 3-year-old Londyn and 2-year-old Emersyn. Any mother would be too busy to exercise, with these energetic girls in the house.

Lauren, however, found the perfect solution: she included her girls in her workout. She looks for creative ways to exercise around the house, and when she does CrossFit, she makes sure her daughters can safely participate.

Maximize the time you do have.

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When you only have a brief window of time to work out, maximize it. Do high-intensity exercises that burn more calories than exercise done at a moderate pace. Some examples include CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training. Both have workouts that last less than 20 minutes but burn fat more efficiently.

These moms on Instagram indeed show that being busy is not an excuse not to exercise. Find the time to work out and promote fitness and health in your family!