How to Regain your Figure after Pregnancy

Every woman who have just given birth worry about getting back her pre-pregnancy figure. Fret not because we’ve rounded up some helpful but mommy-safe tips to help you achieve that to die-for-figure.


1. You need a healthy diet to keep you going after your pregnancy, so trying to lose weight is not a wise practice. Instead, cut on fatty and sugary foods and eat more fiber-rich food to avoid constipation.

2. Take a walk. Walking helps you tone your muscles and body.

3. There are a lot of exercises that target your abdominal muscles, choose the right level for you. Remember to always carry a water bottle and drink water before and after exercising to avoid dehydration. If you feel that your body can handle it already, gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.


4. After the postpartum bleeding has stopped, you can go on swimming which help lose weight and restore your muscle tone. The Swim Centre in New Zealand, offers aqua aerobics, which they believe helps ease the common effects of pregnancy on muscles and joints. It also work to reduce pain and complications during birth through improving muscle and joint condition, a chance to condition and strengthen the body, and it helps prevent injuries through improved posture and balance. The program has been developed with the guidance of midwifery, exercise and nutrition.