How to Lose Weight Without You Knowing It

Surprisingly, there are easier ways to shed some pounds without sweating in the gym everyday. Here’s how:

Eat on Green Plates


Mention the color green and images of vegetables and healthy food comes to mind. Studies have shown that people tend to pick food that matches their plate. So pick a color green plate and you will most likely load up on vegetables, making you healthier!

Forget Candlelight Dinners


No matter how romantic they are, try to ditch candlelight dinners. Studies have shown that, when lights are dim, an individual’s self-consciousness is lowered. Same goes for appetite – the dimmer the light, the more food you take because your eating inhibitions are lesser.

Hit the Bed Early


When you are deprived of sleep, tendency is, you will eat more than you usually do. Based on researches, people who lack sleep could eat more than 500 calories a day. That is because sleep deprivation could prompt a rush of the hormones thus affecting the eating patterns of the individual. So if you want to lose some pounds, then better take control of your sleeping habit.

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Feast on Non-Processed Food


According to researches, individuals taking in diet products are less likely to shed pounds. The explanation for this is: whenever you eat a food that you deem good, you are prompted to eat more of it. So go for authentic food, ditch the artificially sweetened and packaged no-calories ones.