How to Stay Fit the Whole Year Around

Lose weight, get fit, eat healthier food, diet… Do these sound familiar? These are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions that are commonly broken.

Almost everyone makes resolutions related to fitness every January. The problem is sticking to it throughout the year. Here are some tips that might help:

Set Clear Goals

Credit: Health Gauge /
Credit: Health Gauge /

Instead of saying to yourself that you will “get in shape,” set specific goals. For instance, you might want to join a marathon before the year ends. In order to achieve that, you can break it down into daily running exercises or weekly workouts to build endurance. Start with shorter distances on the treadmill or in the park, sign up for fun runs and races, and work your way towards your long-term goal.

Eat Healthier

No amount of exercise will keep you fit if you still indulge in junk food all the time and eat in an unhealthy manner. Take small steps each week to improve your diet. This means increasing intake of fruits and veggies, eating more whole grains, and drinking water instead of sugary drinks. Start small, then try to incorporate one healthy eating habit in your meals weekly.

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Have fun while working out

Credit: Calibe Thompson /
Credit: Calibe Thompson /

Don’t force yourself to do exercises that you don’t enjoy. If you get easily bored at the gym, why not take a zumba or yoga classes with friends? Having a fitness buddy can help motivate you to work out even when you don’t feel like it. Want to explore while getting a good workout? Biking is the way to go.

The most important thing is to get outdoors (or in the gym) and active. Cheers to a better you this 2015!