Top Food Trends for 2015

The acclaimed international food and restaurant consultants based in Brooklyn, Baum + Whiteman, released their 2015 food trend report and it is rad.

Since 2015 is all about the newfangled and off the wall, we give you our food trend picks we can’t wait to sink our teeth in:



Fresh, succulent oysters are making an upturn in the trendy food scene and we are more than happy about it. Oysters are being rediscovered, with its abundance in bays, inlets and tidal basins, so before we drool over on Rockefeller oysters or the traditional goodness of raw ones served in half shells, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with oysters with lemongrass cocktail sauce, yuzu koshu dressing, or drenched in kimchi and horseradish granita.


2015 makes it as adventurous as it should be, and that includes our palate. Made with unmentionable pig parts, this red-peppered sausage from Calabria in Southern Italy may just be 2015’s bold flavor. Spread it on toasts, mix it with pastas, or whisk it in vinaigrette dressings.

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These little crawlers are making it big this year! And sure they are going packed and unusually nourishing for that matter. Case in point: various protein bars now come in insect-infused treats as insects are enriched with more protein, iron, and vitamin B12 than beef, spinach, and salmon respectively.