What’s the Best Yoga for You?

More than just a mediation technique, yoga is historically a way of life. Because of its health benefits, it’s no surprise that its popularity has blown; now over 16 million people are practicing yoga around the world! But with a mind-boggling array of yoga styles out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Before you start hitting the yoga mat, here are some tips to consider:


Each yoga pose (asana) has a name, and there’s an astounding 800 asanas known to date. Pick the right one for you by considering your health goals. For beginners, the Hatha pose is recommended. This style is slow-paced and combines breathing, body postures and meditation.

You’ve probably done this pose when having your photo taken in a temple or mountain. Yin yoga is best for those who want some quiet mind and meditation. It is a highly meditative practice involving your hips, pelvis and spine that aids in releasing tension.

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For health buffs, a combination of Astanga and Power yoga is perfect. It aids in weight loss as it involves much sweating as you will be practicing a series of poses without taking a rest.

Restorative yoga is for those who want to recover from a stressful and traumatic life experience such as separation, death of a loved-one, illness and injury. It basically involves a simple pose which one held for about 20 minutes with the help of props.